How Can An Attorney Help Families Of A DWI Death?

by Terry Bryant

Few things are as devastating to a family as when a DWI causes a death to a loved one. It often seems like random, unfair chance, and the person responsible for the accident may only have their life temporarily inconvenienced. The aftermath of the tragedy will often seem overwhelming emotionally, but it’s the financial complications that many people forget to take into account. This is especially true when a parent or guardian is killed in a crash.

There is a DWI death every 50 minutes in the U.S., resulting in thousands of fatalities and billions in medical costs. However, the real toll these accidents have is on the families, which have to deal suddenly with the loss of companionship, protection, guidance, and financial support provided by the lost loved one.

During a claim, the attorney will assess the financial worth of these losses and pursue them on behalf of the family. It may seem impossible to calculate the cost of a lost loved one, but compensation is the family’s right, and may be needed to help pay for medical, funeral, and other costs. It can’t replace a beloved mother, father, or child, but it can help secure closure and ensure the family is taken care of in the absence of the victim.