How Can An Attorney Assist A Family After A DUI Causes A Death?

by Terry Bryant

Few tragedies are more devastating than a DUI that causes a death in a family. Rarely does such a crime involve malice, but it always involves a complete lack of personal responsibility. That’s not only intensely tragic, it is also extremely frustrating for a family to deal with, and they may be left wondering how they will attain closure. While it can never replace a loved one, a family can often get some measure of peace by pursuing a claim against the responsible parties, ensuring they are held accountable for their lack of judgment.

When a DUI causes a death, the evidence against the driver will be overwhelming. Police and witness reports are typically enough, and all that is left to decide is if there are other defendants involved, and how the settlement will progress. An attorney is an ideal legal representative in these cases, as they can handle the emotionally tough parts of the process and will ensure a family gets the best possible outcome during settlement. Attorneys have experts on staff that will help assess the victims’ case, taking into account the deceased’s earning potential, benefits and assets. The attorney’s experts will also calculate the worth of what is undefinable. Namely, the loss of care, protection, love and companionship that is the most hurtful.

It can seem misguided, even callous to consider finances when a loved one passes, but securing the family’s future is something that has to be addressed.