What To Do When Hit By A Drunk Truck Driver In Commercial Vehicles

by Terry Bryant

A drunk truck driver is capable of causing serious injury with his recklessness, which is why national regulatory agencies take alcohol consumption seriously when commercial vehicles are involved. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) prohibits cargo vehicle operators from consuming alcohol within four hours of getting behind the wheel. That’s because an out of control commercial vehicle has an incredible amount of force and potential violence behind it, and often these crashes result in severe or fatal damage.

A wreck that involves a commercial vehicle can cause extensive trauma, including broken bones, burns and permanent damage to the brain or spine. These injuries can leave a person with chronic pain, paralysis or cognitive disorder. Serious or chronic injuries typically mean long term and expensive medical treatment. Couple this with the possible loss of work and a victim can be rendered financially destitute overnight.

And though a drunk truck driver will almost always be found at least partly liable for a crash, it can be frustrating trying to get the motorist’s employer or insurance provider to respond. The defendant may also attempt to blame others for their mistake, complicating the case and forcing the victim to adjust. This is when having an experienced attorney on your side can be critical. A personal injury lawyer is going to know what documentation to present, what laws are relevant to the case, and how to attack the defense in a way that ensures the best outcome possible for a victim. This can mean the difference between struggling with medical bills and securing your financial future.