What Should A Family Do After A Drunk Driving Death?

by Terry Bryant

A drunk driving death is extremely tragic and instantly changes the lives of surviving family members. This type of accident can be avoided if motorists abide by traffic laws and make responsible decisions. Many people cannot manage this as CDC statistics clearly show. In fact, the CDC’s collection of self-reported incidents of impaired driving suggests that very few offenders are caught. This leaves other motorists at risk every time they take to the road.

The only silver lining, as faint as it is, is that any case involving a drunk driving death is normally easy to pursue, at least legally. Though it will be emotionally charged and tough for the family to handle, defendants often have little to defend themselves with if they are arrested at the site of the accident. The real question is how much the victim’s family can expect to receive. The family’s attorney will bring in economists, actuaries, and other expert witnesses to put together a demand package, taking everything into account. This includes the cost of funeral expenses, medical expenses, the future earnings of the deceased, and the emotional toll placed on the family.

Losing a loved one due to a drunk driver is a tragedy that no family should have to go through, but you do have legal rights if the worst comes to pass. Using these rights not only protects your family – it may also prevent the reckless motorist from taking another life.