Drunk Driving Accident Victims Need A Good Personal Injury Attorney On Their Side

by Terry Bryant

Drunk driving is a significant problem on the nation’s roadways, and in Harris County, Texas, even more so. Based on the overwhelming number of alcohol-related fatalities, the nonprofit organization MADD has dubbed Harris County the “drunk driving capital” in the United States.

Law enforcement, courts, legislators, and interest groups have come a long way in educating the public about the dangers of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Nonetheless, and despite grave criminal penalties, Harris County leads the country in DWI-related deaths. In the end, the victims pay the price.

If a drunk driver hits you, the emotional and financial implications can be devastating. Recouping financial losses may initially seem unimportant when confronted with severe injury or even the death of a loved one, but the ability to recover some or all of your expenses in the aftermath of a DWI crash will become most significant once the bills roll in, wounds have healed, and the nightmares have diminished.

If you were hit by a drunk driver, consider contacting a reputable personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Meanwhile, be sure to keep copies of all police reports and medical bills – they will be paramount in civil court, and they will help your lawyer reach the best settlement or judgment possible on your behalf.

In addition to pursuing the intoxicated motorist who caused the accident with civil action, your attorney may also suggest holding a third party accountable. This could mean an establishment or an individual bar tender or waiter who may have served excessive amounts of alcohol to the offender, or an employer who failed to ensure that the offending staff member was unimpaired while performing job-related duties.

Drunk driving accidents cost the average American, you and I, approximately $500 per year. The best way to enforce your right to be compensated for your suffering is by speaking with a successful personal injury attorney to see if there is enough evidence for representation.