How Can A Drunk Driving Accident Claim Benefit From A Lawyer?

by Terry Bryant

A drunk driving accident should never happen simply because the risks are so well-known. There are other options to get home, and others can take charge of their friends and family and make sure that no one gets behind the wheel inebriated. When a crash does occur, it usually involves someone who has been breaking the law for quite some time. In fact, the CDC has studied the problem and found that by the time someone has been arrested for a DUI or DWI, they’ve gotten away with it, on average, 80 times. Until these reckless offenders can be caught more regularly, serious crashes will continue to happen, and innocent people will continue to sustain injuries.

When a drunk driving accident occurs, liability is usually pretty easy to prove, but a claim may be more complicated than that. A victim may also have a case against a business serving alcohol or against someone responsible for the defendant. This can complicate a claim significantly, and a victim may have trouble keeping up with all of it. Also, a victim will typically have to deal with aggressive insurance companies, who will attempt to get the victim to agree to a meager settlement in exchange for avoiding a suit. This is almost always a bad idea and will not protect a victim should they require long-term medical care.

Experienced attorneys know what expenses await someone badly hurt in a crash, and will fight for the compensation to cover the damages. For many, there may be a feeling of just moving on in the aftermath of a wreck, but victims have a right to be made as whole as possible, and should strongly consider exercising this right.