What Happens When A Drunk Driver Has Killed Someone?

by Terry Bryant

It’s a terrible, preventable tragedy, and when a drunk driver has killed someone, they should be held responsible for their reckless actions. An intoxicated motorist is breaking the law just by operating a vehicle, and if their negligence leads to a fatal injury, they will face severe criminal consequences. However, a family may choose to bring a civil claim against the motorist as well, if only to help soften the financial blow of a lost loved one.

Finances are the furthest thing from a family’s mind when a loved one is lost, but families facing such a tragedy often have to contend with mounting expenses, and loss of income in some cases. When a drunk driver has killed a primary breadwinner, they are taking away a family’s security, along with priceless care, comfort, guidance, and companionship. Though it’s impossible for an attorney to place a value on the emotional support a parent or spouse offers, it still has to be done to ensure the family receives the compensation they are entitled to.

As for liability, intoxicated motorists have almost no defenses, as they were in violation of criminal law at the time of the crash. However, alcohol-serving venues and anyone responsible for lending the motorist a vehicle may also be named as defendants in the claim, and this will increase the chances that a family may attain a favorable settlement.

Nothing is worse than losing a loved one, but an experienced drunk driving attorney will do everything possible to ensure that a family can heal without having to worry about being destitute as well.