How Can A Drug Injury Lawyer Help A Victim?

by Terry Bryant

A drug injury lawyer is an essential and effective layer of consumer protection, ensuring that reckless doctors and powerful pharmaceutical companies are held responsible for their negligence. When patients take their medications, they expect their health to improve, but this is often not the case. If it is not tested and administered correctly, medication can hurt someone badly, leaving them in worse condition than if they hadn’t taken it in the first place. When someone is adversely affected by their medication, it may be the fault of the producer or the prescribing doctor.

The FDA is responsible for approving medications for market, but pharmaceutical companies often push their products for off-label use which is not approved, and may suppress safety research that runs counter to their bottom line. In either case, this represents dangerous, even gross negligence that a drug injury lawyer can attack. For example, if a pharmaceutical company releases their medication to the public, but later finds that it can increase the chances of heart attacks in some patients, they would be negligent if they did not release this information to the FDA, doctors, and patients.

An attorney can also aid a patient harmed by medical malpractice. Doctors must know what medications could harm their patients and must inform their patients of any safety risks. However, many medical professionals fail in this regard, exposing their patients to unnecessary danger.

Pharmaceutical companies and physicians must act responsibly when producing and doling out medication to patients, most of whom don’t have the information to make completely informed decisions. When this trust is taken advantage of, an attorney can help a victim fight back.