Call A Drug Injury Attorney If You Develop Chantix Side Effects

by Terry Bryant

People who have taken Chantix may suffer from various mental health side effects as a result of the medication, but a drug injury attorney may be able to help. Varenicline is the primary ingredient in Chantix and was under investigation by the FDA for several years. During this time, event reports showed that patients, even those without a history of mental health disorders, were suffering from serious mental symptoms. These include changes in behavior, aggression, depression, agitation, suicide ideation and even attempted suicide.

Varenicline is a partial agonist of the nicotine receptors in the brain. This means it stimulates the same parts of the brain that nicotine does, but not as strongly. This helps a smoker experience the same pleasurable effects of nicotine while also slowly losing dependency. While Chantix has been shown to be effective in this respect, the FDA considers it a risky medication to take, particularly for people with prior mental health concerns.

In fact, the FDA now requires Chantix’s manufacturer, Pfizer, to include a black box warning on its packaging. The black box warning is extremely rare and only required when a medication is capable of causing severe or life threatening side effects. The FDA decided to administer this mandate after following up on patient reports after is approval. The FDA has long suspected that Chantix could be dangerous, and called for a priority review during its approval process. This is reserved for medications that are believed to be particularly dangerous.

Even though Chantix was approved for usage, it remains under close scrutiny. Anyone who has taken Chantix and suffered from mental disturbances may consider seeking representation by a drug injury attorney. Varenicline is the subject of many lawsuits, so lawyers in this field should be familiar with prior casework concerning it.