Why A Family Suffering From A Drowning Should Hire Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

It can be nearly impossible for a family to recover from a drowning, but a lawyer can at least make sure that the responsible party is held liable for their negligence. For decades, safety ordinances associated with pools were poorly enforced and ill-defined, leaving children at major risk every time they entered the water. Pools are often overcrowded, poorly maintained, and manned by lifeguards that are either inattentive or untrained. Any of these can be a significant factor when an accident occurs.

Every pool must keep its lights, fencing, ladders and drains in good condition, or they will do more harm than good. This is particularly true of drain covers. Until recently, some drain covers were highly likely to entrap children that strayed too close to them and pinned them under the water, making a fatal drowning inevitable. A lawyer will verify that the pool owner has installed safe drains and lights, in accordance with city, state and national laws. For instance, it is now illegal to install drains that can cause entrapment. To do so is negligent.

There must also be safety equipment present in the event of an accident. Shepard’s hooks and life preservers are just a couple of the required items, but many pool owners fail to provide even these simple pieces of equipment.

Families who have lost a loved one in a swimming pool accident can be left wondering why, and how they can possibly move on. An attorney can’t provide all of the answers, but they can ensure that no one else is harmed by the negligent party’s recklessness.