A Drowning Accident Can Cause Severe Injuries & Even Death

by Terry Bryant

A drowning accident can lead to severe injury and even death. Many times people are left with brain damage and other traumatic injuries. When things like this happen people start searching for someone to help. One of those who may be able to offer assistance is a personal injury attorney. They have the ability to assess each claim, and see if there is someone who was delinquent in either their service or product.

Accidents in the water account for approximately 3,500 deaths each year. That equates to about ten per day. Unfortunately, most of the victims are younger than fourteen. This number heightens the importance of understanding water safety. Whether the death or injury is in the pool, at a water park, or other body of water, each claim should be properly investigated.

Sometimes a drowning accident is simply that, and it is tragic. Other times it is due to the negligence of someone else. During summer months rivers and lakes become popular hang outs to beat the heat. Unfortunately, not everyone that enjoys these outlets is sensible. All too often there are reports of boaters being irresponsible, and it results in someone losing their life. Water parks are another popular place to stay cool. However, if a company does not adequately staff their facility it can mean a delayed response time to an injury. Delayed response to an emergency situation can result in a tragic outcome. There are also incidences of pool and spa equipment malfunctioning and causing grave harm.

If any of these or other circumstances occur, it is wise to consider seeking legal counsel for advice. A reputable personal injury attorney will be able to assess the circumstances and inform the victim if there is enough evidence for a lawsuit.