Drilling Rig Accident Are Frequent And Can Be Severe!

by Terry Bryant

A drilling rig accident is a frequent occurrence within the oil and gas industry. With roughly 500,000 miles of pipeline already transporting hazardous materials in the United States, this expanding business sector requires an increased volume of workers as well. The rapid growth along with a need for higher production commonly results in inadequate training, long workdays, decreased safety measures and low equipment maintenance.

In a matter of 6 years the Bureau of Labor Statistics sited upwards of 600 deaths among oil and gas employees. Whether during construction or the storage process, mishaps can occur due to poor communication, negligence, explosions and poor construction to name a few. No matter what the cause or extent of damage, one or more workers may suffer serious injury, disability or even death.

Among the dangerous practices in the industry is hydraulic fracking. Natural gas is removed from underground shale rock formations. Upon reaching the surface, those on-site may come in contact with contaminated water and harmful radioactive materials. As a result, many workers face serious illnesses including cancer.

When involved in a drilling rig accident victims and surviving family members should consider hiring an oil and gas attorney to represent them. Right after a catastrophe takes place a specialized legal representative can assess any pertinent liability waivers and inform their client of their legal rights. The process of deciding on the party at fault can be extensive as the industry falls under federal and state laws, as well as maritime law, OSHA, and MSHA regulations at times. In the case that the injury or death is due to the fault of others, damages can be awarded in a variety of forms, including but not limited to financial compensation, end-of-life expenses, and pain and suffering.