Laws Dealing With Dog Bites Are Hard To Keep Up With

by Terry Bryant

The laws concerning canine attacks are hard to keep up with, and because they are maintained at the state and county level, they are always changing, but successful dog bite attorneys are abreast of the ever changing regulations. For those who have been attacked by a canine, proving liability is extremely tough, because these regulations are often poorly enforced and there is a lot of wiggle room for a negligent owner to avoid responsibility. Because of this, it is best to seek out a personal injury lawyer when seeking restitution.

In states like Texas, owners are not typically held liable when one of their dogs attacks someone if it is the first time. This assumes, of course, that the owner was not violating the law at the time of attack. If he or she had the animal off leash in a public area or did not have a proper enclosure for it, they may still be held accountable. If a canine attacks someone, it is then considered dangerous, and any subsequent attacks will automatically be the responsibility of the owner.

The problem with this is that many owners play dumb and claim that they were not aware that the animal was dangerous. They may also lie about previous incidents that weren’t reported. Dog bites are not kept close track of by the authorities, so it’s up to the victim to prove prior history before the court. Because of this, a victim should get professional legal help, and proficient dog bite attorneys will know how to gather the information needed to make a case. Many worry about the canine being put down should they try to get restitution, but in most cases, the animal is not destroyed, even if the owner is at fault.