Looking For A Disability Lawyer In Dallas You Might Also Try Looking In Houston

by Terry Bryant

People in north Texas looking for a disability lawyer in Dallas should consider attorneys who reside in other cities. The most important thing to consider when searching for a legal profession is their history of success—not their geographic location. Dealing with the Social Security Administration can be a frustrating process, and more than half of initial claims are rejected by the SSA. To minimize this risk, an applicant should partner with a legal expert who can put together a strong application for benefits.

Social Security Disability (or SSD) benefits are paid to people who are at risk of not meeting their financial needs. There are several requirements an applicant must satisfy before they can receive SSD benefits. Most of the benchmarks are derived from the person’s work history, income, marital status, age and any medication conditions they are suffering from. To be considered, the applicant must be suffering from a long-term medical complication that is sufficiently debilitating to prevent him from working. This is subject to interpretation, so many people are denied help even when they cannot truly work to make ends meet. To better their chances, many people turn to a disability lawyer in Houston or Dallas to help them produce a stronger case for review.

An attorney can help even after rejection. Anyone who is denied SSD benefits can appeal the decision, and with the help of a legal expert, present more convincing evidence and testimony. During the appeals process, the case may go before a judge or appeals council. These arbiters will hear witness testimony and examine in greater detail any evidence presented to them. If this fails, the attorney can file a case against the SSA and have the case brought to court.