A Disability Attorney Can Help Those Rejected For Social Security

by Terry Bryant

If a person needs the help of a disability attorney, they have likely faced the power of government bureaucracy. More than half of all people who apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits will be initially rejected, and the process can seem like it drags on forever. A lawyer experienced in the field can serve as a great equalizer during the appeal process and make it much more likely that an applicant will attain benefits through an appeal.

When a person is gravely injured or develops a debilitating health condition, they are entitled to SSD benefits, assuming they have built up enough work credits. Widows, widowers or adult children with a debilitating condition are also eligible for SSD in many circumstances.

If an applicant is rejected, a disability attorney can help them file an appeal to get their case reviewed again. If a lawyer produces the appeal for the applicant, there will be a much higher chance that the Social Security Administration (SSA) decides to review the case. If the SSA agrees to an appeal, the applicant’s lawyer will help put together as much evidence and witness testimony as possible before appearing on behalf of the applicant in court. With a developed case and expert representation, an applicant will stand a much better chance of winning their appeal and getting much needed SSD benefits.