Can Defensive Driving Habits Make you Safer?

by Terry Bryant

Houston Skyline

The National Safety Council (NSC) offered the first defensive driving course in 1964. From their experience, the NSC has found defensive driving to decrease car crashes, reduce insurance premiums, and keep drivers safer.

Defensive Driving Tips

Here are some defensive driving tips to protect yourself from other drivers:

  • Know Your Surroundings—monitor other traffic by checking your mirrors regularly and noticing how other drivers are behaving. Are they speeding? Or distracted? If so, distance yourself from a potentially dangerous driver.
  • Maintain a Safe Speed—stay aware of the posted speed limit and the flow of current traffic.
  • Identify a Way Out—never trap yourself in a position where you cannot avoid a car crash. Either keep a clear path to a shoulder or give yourself plenty of distance to stop if another vehicle swerves in front of you or brakes suddenly.

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