When May A Defective Products Attorney Be Able To Assist Victims?

by Terry Bryant

When a consumer suffers personal injury or loss due to a product that did not perform as intended, a defective products attorney may be an option. The victims in these types of cases have often suffered a terrible injury or loss of life that simply could have been avoided had the manufacturer been more diligent in the production of the item.

Examples of a defective product are a vehicle that has airbags that do not deploy correctly, a children’s toy painted with toxic paint, a pharmaceutical drug that causes organ failure, a bike helmet that does not effectively protect the head in the event of a crash, a health or beauty product that causes chemical burns on the skin, or a kitchen oven mitt that is made with materials that are flammable. Of course, there are countless other examples of product defects that have entered our marketplace and eventually our homes – and other realms of our daily lives. Major categories of products that are often involved include automobiles, children’s toys, baby items, health and beauty products, household appliances, and medical items and devices.

Product defects can cause severe burns, bodily injury, long-term health conditions, and possibly even loss of life. If an injury, illness, or death occurs due to a manufacturing defect, a defective products attorney may be able to assist in seeking compensation for the victim or their loved ones.