How Can An Attorney Help With A Defective Product Liability Claim

by Terry Bryant

A defective product is a liability issue, and when said product hurts someone, the manufacturer or designer should be held responsible for their negligence. In today’s world of mass production, quality controls are more important than ever. However, companies often cut corners with item prototyping and testing, carelessly putting dangerous consumer items on the shelves. Sometimes, such flaws can put a person at risk for severe or fatal injuries. With the help of an experienced attorney, though, a victim may be able to pursue compensation for their injuries.

If a person is hurt by a defective product, the liability typically rests on the manufacturer or designer of the item. If the item’s flaw is structural in origin, such as a crack in the body of an appliance or the use of inferior parts, the manufacturer will shoulder the responsibility for any injuries. If the item in question is inherently dangerous based on its construction or purpose, like an ATV that emits a dangerous amount of heat around the rider’s legs, the item’s designer will take the blame.

These claims can also be slotted into a third category. If the documentation that comes with the item is inadequate and this leads to injury, the victim may have a claim. For instance, if a container of hazardous chemicals is not labeled as such, a victim may have a claim if they expose themselves to the substance without realizing the danger.

The type of claim will have a significant impact on how the case is managed, and some claims can be categorized in more than one area. This is a primary reason victims often turn to experienced attorneys to help them with their claim.