Victims Of DaVinci Surgery Injuries Considering A Personal Injury Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

In recent years, the DaVinci robotic surgery system has become more popular in hospitals around the world. This machine consists of several articulating arms that can hold medical tools and an on-board camera. The operating doctor looks through a viewfinder attached to a control console in the operating room. From this interface, he is able to input fine motor commands to the device that mimic a human doctor. While the manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical Inc., claims that this machine makes procedures safer and more precise, there are many people who are filing suits against the company for injuries and wrongful deaths caused by the system–some of them relating to the marketing practices of the manufacturer.

During a lawsuit filed by a person injured by the DaVinci surgery system, the director of marketing for Intuitive stated that they marketed the device to lower skilled doctors. The public was not made aware of this and it is problematic because the system does not replace a doctor’s skill. Because of this and design flaws in the device, many people have sustained injuries or other major health complications following treatment.

The most common adverse effects include burns, cuts and tears of the blood vessels, arteries or organs. In some cases, severe internal bleeding resulted from these injuries. Some victims also suffered from dehincenses, which are organ ruptures that cause bodily fluids to leak. This is extremely dangerous and can cause life-threatening infections. Fistulas, or improper connections of tissue between organs, have also been reported. In addition to these, many victims have suffered from electrocution due to poorly insulated machine parts and wiring. Some of these injuries have resulted in death, though death may be due to surgical errors that take years to affect the victim.

Anyone who has received DaVinci surgery and suffered injury should consider speaking to a personal injury lawyer. Many people are filing claims against the company currently and a legal professional can help a victim receive fair restitution.