After A Dangerous Dog Bite Occurs, A Lawyer May Be Necessary

by Terry Bryant

When a dangerous dog renders a bite, a lawyer may be able to build a case needed to hold the animal’s owner responsible. This is easier said than done, though, as in many states, Texas included, owners are protected by the one-bite-rule. This stipulation states that animal owners are not considered responsible if their pet did not show aggressive tendencies prior to the injury. In short, this gives an owner one free pass, but it’s not always a permissible defense. An owner, for example, is not protected if they were acting in negligence prior to the attack, and an attorney will focus on whether this was the case following a victim’s injury.

A canine that attempts to pursue people or furiously barks at people when in public may be considered aggressive by the court. This may even be the case if the animal was barking at people while behind a fence, though these canines are often given the benefit of the doubt. If the canine has been trained to fight or has attacked other animals in the past, then that would also be grounds to consider the canine aggressive.

When a dangerous dog bite occurs, a lawyer may also check the defendant’s home in an effort to determine whether or not the animal was properly enclosed. If the canine was loose at the time of the attack, even if animal was not considered aggressive before, the owner may still be liable for not keeping their pet enclosed.

These are some things for victims to keep in mind when pursuing a claim. It may seem difficult to get justice and restitution for such a terrifying experience, but an attorney will work to try to get the victim compensation for their injuries.