Couple sues brewery after plant explosion

by Terry Bryant

Couple sues brewery after plant explosion during tour

Brewery Explosion

Brewery Explosion

A couple from North Texas is suing Franconia Brewing Co. after they were injured when a fermentation tank exploded during a  brewery tour back in Feb 18, 2012.  The couple was not only struck by the tank but by flying debris that came through a metal wall causing multiple injuries.

The Franconia Brewing Company is located on 495 McKinney Parkway.   The tour cost about $5 and starts in the fermenting tank room.  Five minutes into the tour, witness reports indicate, there was a loud boom followed by a louder series of booms. Apparently, a pressure release valve failed.  A 40-50 fermenting tank had blown through a wall.  Tourists were drenched in beer.  Amongst the injured were two employees who were taken to the hospital; one of them had to be airlifted.

Anyone who has been hurt during one of these accidents should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Failing to meet OSHA safety regulations is often the root cause of the disaster. Any company that neglects to maintain worker safety through filtering technology or maintained equipment is acting illegally. These companies are culpable for any injuries or fatalities that are caused as a result of this negligence. A legal professional will be able to effectively investigate the accident and help the victim put a strong case together.