How Does A Construction Injury Lawyer Handle A Claim?

by Terry Bryant

A construction injury lawyer has to be prepared to take on multiple defendants for their client, as accidents on a worksite can involve a myriad of factors and responsible parties. This industry is unique in the risks it poses to workers, and accounts for nearly 20 percent of all fatal worker injuries in the country. Falls, electrocution, heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and vehicles are all present on the typical worksite, and without tight safety regulations in place, they are all capable of badly injuring someone. And unfortunately, site managers and safety personnel often fail to protect their workers like they should.

Normally, when someone is hurt on the job, they first turn to worker’s compensation (if their employer has the insurance) to help them through the recovery process. Worker’s compensation is supposed to cover medical costs, lost wages and disability, but in practice, it often falls well short. And if a worker doesn’t have the ability to sue an employer for negligence, they may have to bring a claim against other parties that have demonstrated lax safety controls.

A construction injury lawyer will be able to manage a claim involving multiple defendants, and this will improve the victim’s chances of getting the compensation they need. Architects, engineers, drivers, product manufacturers, maintenance personnel, and specialists in charge of constructing scaffolding and other support systems all owe workers a duty of care. Any professional that fails in this regard will be liable for related injuries.

A serious accident can leave a victim without the ability to work, or even the ability to take care of themselves. Recovering from such an accident will take time and financial stability, and an attorney can help a victim fight for them.