Commuting Smart

by Terry Bryant

Houston Traffic Safety

Commuting safely in Houston traffic

Houston roads are filled with hurried motorists rushing to get to work each morning. As the most populous city in Texas, this is no surprise.

It is all too easy to become distracted or “zone out” on a familiar commute. Use these safety tips to stay safe and focused each morning on the drive to work:

  • Time your departure—leaving earlier can allow you a few extra minutes should you run into traffic congestion, road construction, or a wreck. It may also help you avoid peak traffic at popular commute times. If you are not in a hurry, you will also be less likely to speed.
  • Dress for success—high heel shoes may present driving difficulties for female drivers. The heel may catch or slip on the floor mat. Drive to work in a different pair of shoes if your professional wardrobe requires that you wear shoes that are not safe for driving.
  • Monitor the weather—bright morning sunlight may blind you. Heavy rain may decrease your visibility. Plan your drive time around predictable weather conditions if at all possible.

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