What Injuries Can Commercial Vehicle Accidents Cause?

by Terry Bryant

Compared to other automobile crashes, commercial vehicle accidents are typically more traumatic. The staggering weight difference between cargo trucks and passenger vehicles means a higher rate of serious and fatal injuries. On average, a cargo truck requires up to 40 percent more space on the road to come to a complete stop, and drivers are often taxed to their limits while on the road. Transport companies incentivize dangerous driving by rewarding drivers who deliver their goods quickly. As a result, truck operators are often sleep deprived or pushed to drive dangerously.

Commercial vehicle accidents can produce a range of serious, often permanent injuries. Lacerations, burns, contusions, broken bones, punctures and internal bleeding, or organ damage are all common, and any of these can disfigure or result in permanent debilitation. Spine injuries are especially dangerous and can result in paraplegia, chronic pain, motor disorders, or organ dysfunction. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are also common and can result in permanent complications. This may include cognitive thinking or learning disorders, mood or behavior disorders, debilitating pain, confusion, loss of memory, speech disorders, or other serious complications. The road to recovery following a cargo truck or 18-wheeler wreck is usually long and exhausting, so it can have a huge impact on a victim’s quality of life.

Only an experienced personal injury lawyer should handle these cases as commercial vehicle accidents may involve aggressive tactics by the transport company. In the aftermath of a crash, the transport company will typically send a representative to the crash site to take photos and interview witnesses. This information will almost always be slanted to incriminate the victim, so a victim will need to fight back to defend their rights.

Terry Bryant and his knowledgeable attorneys have helped thousands of crash victims get the compensation they need, whether for medical treatment or lost time from work. Terry Bryant can help recreate the details of the accident, gather important documentation, and prevent the transport company from trampling on the victim’s rights. This will ensure a victim gets the representation they deserve.