Clomid Linked Birth Defects have Become A Concern

by Terry Bryant

Recently, the possibility of Clomid linked birth defects has become a concern.In 1967, when it was first introduced to the market, the drug was prescribed to women with erratic menstruation cycles. Currently, this medication is used to help women ovulate and increase their fertility. It is also known by the name clomiphene citrate.

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has classified this fertility medication as a Pregnancy Category X drug. This means it has the highest level of fetal risk due to its connection to birth defects during studies or negative reaction data gathered from investigation and marketing. The Oxford Journal of Human Reproduction has also found a possible association with the drug Clomid and birth defects like aortic coarctation, anencephaly, cloacal extrophy, omphalocele, esophageal atresia, and craniosynostosis. These afflictions of the skull, brain, heart, intestines, and esophagus can prove to be life threatening. A woman who believes that the health issues her child had at birth are connected to use of this medication may want to file a birth defect lawsuit against the drugs manufacturers and its distributors.

Clomid caused birth defects are a serious concern that should be investigated promptly. Suits like these help to protect consumers against harmful products by holding companies responsible for adverse side effects, incomplete warnings, and manufacturing flaw.