If Celexa Or Another Antidepressant Drug Has Caused You To Suffer From Side Effects Talk To A Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

If you or someone you love has been injured by Celexa and side effects of SSRI’s (select serotonin reuptake inhibitors) it is important that you understand your rights. The manufacturers and distributors of this medication are not going to be the ones to look out for your best interest. It will be up to you to seek the counsel of a Drug Injury Lawyer. This type of attorney basically functions in the same capacity that a personal injury attorney would function in the case of a car accident involving injury. The Drug Injury Lawyer specializes in understanding the legal nuances of the regulations and statutes that govern the manufacturing and distribution of all prescriptions drugs, including antidepressants.

Celexa is like any other synthetic prescription drug as it comes with a number of possible side effects. This is because the human body is not designed to process non-natural substances and it responds to these unnatural substances in different ways, with some of them being quite adverse. With this particular antidepressant the list of side effects is too extensive to exhaustively list, but some of the most commonly experienced effects are mood swings, behavior issues, difficulty breathing, skin rashes, difficulty sleeping, become agitated or easily irritated, and becoming more depressed than before the medications began. In more serious cases there have been heart attacks and strokes, muscle rigidity, high fever, rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, and the proclivity to have thoughts that provoke suicide.

With so many side effects that can be potentially dangerous and even deadly, it is important for those that have been affected by Celexa to secure proper legal representation. If you feel that you may have been injured by Celexa and the side effects of SSRI’s, contact a reputable drug injury lawyer right away.