Can New Car Technology Eliminate Driver Error?

by Terry Bryant

Self-driving or driverless cars are definitely on the horizon as some of the world’s largest manufacturers experiment with cars that reduce or eliminate the time that a car’s driver must actually drive. But will autonomous cars really reduce driver error and save lives?

A self-driving system uses many technologies and sensors such as radar, laser scanners, GPS, gyroscopes, accelerometers, and cameras to build a 3-D picture of the car’s environment. Special software analyzes the data and controls the vehicle, with the ultimate goal of the car being able to react to dynamic and unpredictable situations.

Partial-automation technology that is already available in newer cars includes adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, and lane-keep assist, but the driver must still be ready at any moment to take control of the vehicle.

Driverless Cars Expected to Reduce Driver Error

Driver error causes most car accidents. Dangerous behaviors — including distracted driving, speeding, running red lights, tailgating, and reckless and aggressive driving  — are all attributable to driver error rather than to other causes out of the driver’s control such as road and weather conditions.

Researchers feel that much of today’s driver error that causes accidents will be eliminated because of technology that assists the driver with routine tasks such as timely braking, driving at a safe speed, and keeping in the proper lane.

Government and industry experts, along with proponents of the new autonomous technology, predict that future self-driving cars will dramatically reduce accidents. With much testing and development still ahead, experts are confident that reducing these driver errors will result in many saved lives.

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