A Car Seat Injury Can Be Caused By A Number Of Reasons

by Terry Bryant

A car seat injury can be one of the most frightening times for a parent and their child.  Protection is key with these devices, and when the product fails to protect the child, it can have devastating consequences.  Eleven million of these products have been recalled in the last decade from all of the major manufacturers.

Handle failure is one of the most common mishaps, where the handle breaks off while the child is being transported.  Other incidents that have occurred include five point harness issues, improper padding, and buckle and locking mechanism defects.

It is also important to note that over 80 percent of consumers are noted to have difficulty installing this type of product successfully.  The instructions provided by the manufacturer can often be confusing.   Instructions written in a simpler manner might help the parent install the car seat properly to avoid injury.

After a mishap of this nature, a parent may be wondering where to turn.  Many parents in similar circumstances have sought the services of a personal injury attorney to find out what can be done to remedy the situation.

During the first meeting with an attorney, it is important to come with all of the facts and any pertinent evidence.  Bring all documentation including medical reports, police reports, car seat documents, and even the device itself.  There are a number of lawsuits being filed against car seat manufacturers, and a knowledgeable attorney will be able to advise the parent on whether or not they have cause to file a claim.