How Will A Car Accident Attorney Handle The Settlement Process?

by Terry Bryant

When someone is hurt in a car accident, an injury attorney will ensure the settlement process is handled properly. In truth, liability is often clearly established in these cases, though even when that is the situation, an experienced lawyer can secure a more favorable settlement for the victim. And when liability is not clear, a lawyer can help argue the victim’s claim and demonstrate why they deserve compensation for their injuries.

When a vehicle is rear ended or struck while another motorist is turning in front of them, the law is set in stone. Whoever hits a vehicle from behind or turns in front of another vehicle is liable. Most of the time, though, it won’t be so cut and dry, and a lawyer will be needed to sort through the details. A car accident attorney will use police reports, witness testimony, expert opinion, and medical records to build a case for their client, and once settlement negotiations begin, they can help there as well.

Defense lawyers may take advantage of a victim who is not represented by a legal expert, and might do everything possible to shortchange the victim. They may use aggressive tactics against the victim, and even lie if they believe it will work. A personal injury lawyer will counter these tactics and ensure that their client is heard and treated fairly.