What Injuries Can A Bus Rollover Accident Cause?

by Terry Bryant

A bus rollover accident has the potential to injure or kill dozens, and when one occurs, it is usually because someone was somehow careless. Perhaps it was the driver falling asleep at the wheel. Perhaps it was due to poor maintenance of the vehicle. Perhaps the common carrier did not do their due diligence when hiring. There are many reasons why such a serious accident may happen, and the victims will be entitled to compensation no matter what the cause is.

A bus rollover can cause harm in one of three ways. The vehicle’s frame may collapse during the crash, pinning and crushing people inside the vehicle. During the wreck, passengers may be thrown from the vehicle, resulting in lacerations as they are ejected through the glass, and possible additional trauma once they strike the road. In some cases, the victim may be hit by another vehicle. Finally, the inside of passenger vehicles are filled with metal and hard plastic components, like seats and crossbars. Passengers may be thrown into these objects during a wreck, causing broken bones and other impact trauma.

The cost of these injuries can be staggering, leaving people with enormous medical bills, without the ability to work, and ongoing therapy to restore some quality of life. Dealing with these costs can be too much for a family to bear on their own, which is why many turn to a personal injury attorney for assistance.