What Happens When Metro Is Involved In A Bus Or Light Rail Crash?

by Terry Bryant

When Metro is involved in a bus or light rail crash, the results are often devastating. These passenger carriers weigh more than other vehicles on the road, so they can obliterate anything they collide with, including pedestrians caught in the middle of a crosswalk. Even worse, Metro responds to these incidents poorly, often leaving victims and their families with little restitution for their incalculable pain.

Metro’s safety record is unknown, because the company uses a deceptive method to cloak its actual safety metrics. Metro records a difference between accidents and incidents, considering the former to be any crash that kills someone, puts someone in the hospital or causes at least $1,000 in property damage. “Incidents” are any crash that does not include any of the three. This distinction allows Metro to declare a better safety record even if it is not true. Another problem is Metro outsources many of its driver positions to First Transit, a Cincinnati-based company that does not figure into Metro’s safety records, further clouding Metro’s record.

No matter who causes a bus or light rail crash, the results are usually tragic for the victims. Metro has been extremely successful in the past in reducing settlements to victims, so fighting against this company is best done with the help of an experienced attorney. With a legal professional on your side, your chances of securing a better settlement will be much higher than going it alone.