Bus Accident Cases Can Result From A Number Of Factors

by Terry Bryant

When tour companies and other common carriers are involved in bus accident cases, negligence is often the primary cause behind the incident. Common carriers, such as casino charters and Greyhound, are expected to provide close oversight regarding their drivers and operating procedures, but many fail to meet this standard. All too often, unqualified drivers are hired and training is scant. Maintenance is inconsistent and employers wring their drivers for every last moment of production. These can all factor into a crash, which means a victim may be facing down multiple defendants during a claim.

Bus accident cases usually result from a number of factors, of which driver error is often one. However, no matter what causes a crash, a common carrier will generally be liable to some extent. Common carriers like travel and tour companies have a duty of care to their passengers, and must deliver them to their destination in the same state they boarded the vehicle.

Severe injuries often result from a crash involving a large passenger vehicle. Passengers can be ejected from the vehicle, or they may be struck by objects inside the vehicle, like seats or rails. If the vehicle frame fails, it may crumple and crush people inside, as well. The resulting injuries can include severe spine or brain damage, and often include things like chronic pain, burns, and disfiguring scars.

Travel and tour companies maintain greater liability compared to municipal-run common carriers, so an injury attorney can organize and execute a case in seeking a settlement on behalf of a victim.