How Can A Burn Injury Lawyer Help Victims With A Claim?

by Terry Bryant

No matter the severity of the burn, if negligence can be found, then a burn injury lawyer can help victims file a claim. An attorney will need a full account of the accident, including where it happened and how it happened. These questions are important in figuring out liability, and once the degree of liability is determined, it is easier to understand the possible outcome of a claim.

Burn injuries can occur at home with a faulty product, at the workplace, or in a vehicle accident. Regardless of the cause, the pain endured by a victim can be tremendous. And if the injury occurred due to the negligence of another party, a lawyer may be able to help the victim recover restitution for their injuries.

Depending on the facts surrounding the case, the victim may be able to file for gross negligence which simply means the guilty party acted intentionally, or they had knowledge of a problem and did nothing to solve it. Filing for gross negligence means a possible reward for punitive damages. However, an experienced burn injury lawyer understands that it isn’t simply about being rewarded. The victim may have suffered emotionally as well as physically. A victim could experience depression or embarrassment due to physical restrictions or disfigurement. In these cases it is likely that the damage award will be much higher to account for the additional trauma.