The BP Deepwater Horizon Oilspill Has Spawned Many Successful Lawsuits

by Terry Bryant

While there are many occupations where risk is just another part of the job, many found themselves looking for an attorney that handles BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lawsuits after the April 20, 2010 disaster. Hiring an attorney can make the difference between being fairly compensated and being left with nothing. Never assume that workers’ compensation will be enough, because grievous suffering or wrongful death can change the workers’ or their families’ lives forever.

The Deepwater Horizon explosion, often referred to as the BP oil spill, was a disaster that claimed the lives of 11 workers and wounded roughly 16 others. An investigation following the events found several infractions that added an unnecessary and unacceptable level of risk to the operation. The primary failing during the incident was that the companies involved in the construction and maintenance of the platform failed to adequately check the cement sealant ringing the drill well.

This cement keeps natural gas from entering the well and causing a pressure imbalance that could result in an explosion or rupture. During the events leading to the Deepwater disaster, the cement casing malfunctioned and natural gas leaked into the well and rocketed to the surface, causing the deadly explosion. Following the events, some media reports claim that employees were pressured to not seek the assistance of an attorney specializing in BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lawsuits, thus leaving them without a critical ally when searching for fair restitution.

Whether the results of this disaster caused physical injury or environmental issues to one’s property, an experienced environmental injury lawyer will help navigate the courts and seek fair restitution.