Bounce Houses not all fun and games

by Terry Bryant


In recent years, children’s birthday parties ballooned into themed events and very pricey productions.  Injuries related to bounce houses continue to soar nationwide.  According to a Houston Chronicle analysis of state records, at least 170 of these bounce house businesses advertise their service in the Houston region, but only 30 are actually licensed with the safety inspections.  By law, inflatable operators need to file an insurance policy with the Texas Department of Insurance and then pass a safety inspection.  Once the state approves them, they receive an amusement ride compliance sticker for each inflatable they maintain.  A study published in the journal of pediatrics in November stated that the number of inflatable bouncer related injuries rose 1,500 percent between 1995 and 2010 and more than 11,000 children were taken to  emergency hospital rooms in 2010.