The Risk Of A Boat Accident Should Be Taken Seriously

by Terry Bryant

Many vessel owners don’t take the risk of a boat accident seriously, believing that the open water and their skill will help them through any dangerous situation. This recklessness often leads to trouble, and the results can be tragic. Every year, more than 4,000 wrecks claim about 700 lives, and the vast majority of these crashes could have been prevented with just a little care and extra attention. And in the event of a wreck, the risk of death is still rather low if there is adequate safety equipment onboard. Unfortunately, vessel owners often fail in this regard as well.

A common place for a boat accident is in a harbor or other high traffic areas. The primary cause has always been operator inattention, as many vessel owners only take their vessel out when entertaining guests. However, there is also a severe lack of formal training among many vessel owners. In fact, the state of Florida found that about half of the wrecks that occur in the state involved an operator with no formal navigation training. That’s like a driver getting behind the wheel before taking driver’s ed. Excessive speed, mechanical failure and alcohol use are all common factors in vessel crashes as well.

If a wreck does occur, lifejackets and preservers can greatly improve a person’s odds of surviving. With this in mind, it is frustrating to know that authorities cite thousands of vessel owners every year for not keeping enough lifejackets onboard in the event of a crash.

When a person is hurt in a wreck, the injuries can be long-lasting or even permanent. An injury attorney can help a victim sort out the unique laws that govern the waters and help them aggressively pursue a claim against the negligent parties.