If You Have Taken Yaz And Have Had Side Effects Call A Yaz informed Lawyer

by Terry Bryant

Anyone who has taken YAZ and suffered a stroke, pulmonary embolism, heart attack or thrombotic event should seek out help from a reputable drug injury lawyer that knows Yaz cases. This birth control method has been responsible for severe, sometimes fatal complications arising from the hormone drospirenone found in the product.

Drospirenone, when used regularly, may cause the potassium levels in the body to rise to dangerous levels. This is known as hyperkalemia, and over time it can cause heart arrhythmias that may lead to strokes or heart attacks. Women using drospirenone are nearly seven times more likely to suffer from severe blood clotting, and are twice as likely to experience it as women who are taking levonorgestrel.

U.S. regulators have found a few issues with the manufacturer, including being reprimanded for their quality control processes, and the FDA has pointed out problems with the company’s testing facility in Germany. In addition, the FDA has forced the makers of YAZ to change the claims in commercials about the product. Regulators believed that claims about its ability to fight acne and various menstrual-related conditions were overstated, and not appropriate given the extra risk the pill comes with.

To date, there have been thousands of lawsuits leveled at the manufacturer, and the company has set aside additional funds for future cases, as of 2012. New claims are showing up all the time, attacking the company’s presentation of the pill’s complications, its inadequate research on the medication, and the manufacturer’s reluctance to recall the product even after its inherent risks came to light.

Don’t wait to take action. This birth control method is linked to heart attacks and strokes that can cause severe damage to the body, and even death in some cases.