Am I Eligible & Do I Need A Social Security Disability Lawyer?

by Terry Bryant

If someone is has a debilitating illness or has been injured and can no longer work, assistance from a Social Security disability lawyer may be a viable option. Applying for benefits can be a difficult and time consuming process, but for those who qualify, it may be the only income they’ll receive to survive on. However, simply because one may feel they qualify for benefits, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll actually qualify. There are some things applicants will want to understand before they attempt to apply for benefits.

Not only are there are questions regarding the injuries or conditions, but also about how the government looks at people who are applying. For instance, does the injury or condition actually prevent someone from working at a job and being paid for it? There are a lot of jobs where someone who has disabilities can be productive and make a living, and this may disqualify the applicant from receiving benefits. Will the injury or condition improve in the future? While they may qualify for benefits initially, they may be discontinued as the situation improves. Have benefits been applied for but denied? There are many reasons why the Social Security Administration may unjustly deny benefits, and assistance from an attorney who is qualified may be an asset.

The Social Security Administration is responsible for providing benefits for the elderly and disabled, but they’re also responsible for the funds they control. Preventing fraud means that some who should receive benefits are sometimes mistakenly denied. Because of this, regardless of whether this is the first time applying for benefits or they’ve been denied before, having the assistance of a Social Security disability lawyer will provide the best opportunities for being awarded the benefits.