A Construction Accident Can Cause Severe Injuries

by Terry Bryant

One of the most devastating accidents in a workplace is a construction injury. Many seek lawyers to help them get a fair settlement after this type of incident. Construction is the United States’ largest industry, so it stands to reason that there is an unusually high rate of workplace accidents in this field. Unfortunately, due to the irregularity and nature of this industry, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has had minimal success in reporting lower numbers of accidents and fatalities. However, by representing the interests of construction injury victims, lawyers have been doing their part to hold those companies accountable and make them pay for their shortcuts and carelessness.

Although almost every injury and death in this type of work can be considered accidental, the vast majority of them are avoidable. If proper safety measures were in place and all equipment was satisfactorily inspected, many of these workers would have a safer environment to conduct business and get the job done.  Attorneys representing victims of construction accidents have uncovered a wide variety of unsafe conditions and situations that too often are present in the workplace. These conditions can range anywhere from unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals, to improperly constructed scaffolding. Innocent bystanders can also fall victim to accidents from these job sites, and attorneys have helped these victims seek damages in these cases for many years. Their success is due in large part to evidence and eyewitness accounts gathered at the time of the incident. After the initial medical attention required is sought, gathering evidence is the next most important step involving a job site incident.