When There Is Medical Negligence In a Birth An Attorney Maybe Necessary

by Terry Bryant

Birth injury attorneys who specialize in any complications or physical harm to an infant upon delivery or thereafter may need to be sought if medical negligence, or any other carelessness by the doctor results in harm to the infant. These scenarios are not uncommon and can vary greatly depending on the type of damage that is incurred.  It is not limited to only the baby, but extends to the mother as well.

A common complication that can sometimes occur during delivery is a type of abnormal birth, known as shoulder dystocia. This happens when the infant’s chin is compressed upon a lining of tissue and can further complicate the delivery to the point of death if the situation is not handled correctly. Serious defects can afflict the child either immediately or well after the time of the delivery, making it imperative to seek legal representation if any of these situations are feared.

Birth injury attorneys are well equipped to deal with the many types of scenarios, especially if the lawyer in question specializes in personal damage claims and has years of experience in varying accounts. These scenarios don’t always insinuate that there’s a problem prior to the delivery of the baby.  However, such factors like the baby’s weight, time of delivery and size of the mother’s pelvis can cause complications as well. These are, of course, usually handled in the appropriate manner by the doctor and staff as they are trained to handle such things. Though even regular-sized, on-time deliveries can result in harm, such as bruising caused by the misuse of forceps, which are used in most every delivery.  This makes it all the more important to educate one’s self on the plans of action that are to be taken if these injuries occur.