Parents Of A Child With Birth Defects Considering An Attorney Assistance

by Terry Bryant

When birth defects are present, an attorney can help a family pursue legal action against a doctor or other healthcare provider that was acting in negligence. Babies in utero are extremely vulnerable to any number of environmental risks, such as dangerous prescription drugs or reckless delivery procedures. In most cases, a family won’t even know how their child was harmed by negligent medical practices, in part because a doctor will not admit fault when the complication is discovered. This is especially true when the child is handled roughly during delivery. If there are any severe complications present, the hospital may claim that the reckless procedures were a medical necessity for some poorly defined reason. In short, parents should strongly consider lawyer assistance if their child has been affected by severe complications.

Prescription drugs like isotretinoin, lithium, ACE inhibitors, warfarin and some antibiotics can result in serious birth defects. An attorney that has experience in the field will know which medications a pregnant woman can take safely and will be able to review a woman’s medical records to see if there are any dangerous drugs present. It’s not always clear why some pregnant women are given dangerous medications. Some doctors don’t pay attention to research or just disregard the risks because they don’t believe in it. In any case, giving known teratogens and other risky medications to women during pregnancy is negligent and grounds for legal action.

However, fighting a medical malpractice or drug injury case can be difficult, as the defendant will often have a team of lawyers on their side to fight the claim. That’s why victims should always consider a lawyer who has experience in drug injury cases and has a history of taking on powerful institutions.