Bills, Bills, Bills: Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help You With Medical Bills?

by Terry Bryant


Unpaid medical bills

Serious Injuries Cause Serious Medical Bills

Whether or not you have insurance, medical bills are an inevitable reality after sustaining a serious injury in an auto accident. It is important to know your options before you get too far behind financially.

Auto insurance and health insurance may provide coverage for medical bills as a result of accident-related medical care. A personal injury attorney can educate you on the coverage available to you.

Auto insurance coverage may include personal injury protection benefits or medical payment benefits. However, obtaining these benefits takes time. Proper documentation of the wreck and the medical bills must be submitted to your auto insurance company for the claim to be processed. Meanwhile, bills are continuing to pile up.

Health insurance coverage may also cover medical treatment necessitated as a result of an auto accident. But many health insurance plans require the covered individual to reimburse the plan for benefits paid for accident-related treatment from any third party funds obtained from an at-fault party.

Each injured person’s options are different based on the insurance coverage in effect at the time of the wreck. A one-on-one consultation with a personal injury attorney can help you explore the coverage available to you and decide how to best handle your medical bills.