When Should A Victim Look For A Bike Accident Attorney?

by Terry Bryant

A bike accident attorney often has to deal with some of the most devastating injury cases. When a rider is struck by a car, there is little protecting them from the force of impact. A helmet may save a rider’s life, but it won’t necessarily prevent serious injury, and even a car traveling as slow as 20 miles per hour can kill a bicyclist. Recovering from these injuries is often just as taxing, including the crushing weight of medical bills, time lost from work, and chronic complications like pain or mental problems.

The compensation a victim will be able to attain as a result of the crash depends on who is liable. In many cases, the motorist is responsible for checking for a rider, taking care not to veer into the path of a rider unexpectedly or make sudden, dangerous turns. A bike accident attorney looks at more than just traffic laws to determine who is at fault. If there are any inherent defects in either vehicle, or if the crash occurs at a poorly maintained stretch of road, additional parties may share responsibility.

With a strong case that includes a detailed account of the events surrounding the crash, the victim will be able to get restitution for their medical expenses and provide for ongoing therapy, should it be needed. This can be a significant help to a person who may no longer be able to work or take care of their own basic needs.