How Is A Big Truck Accident Handled By An Attorney?

by Terry Bryant

When a big truck causes an accident, the effects are often tragic. Commercial vehicles typically weigh several times more than a car, and the weight difference means incredible force on impact. A commercial vehicle driver that doesn’t do their job safely is a major risk to other motorists, and that’s why transport companies are regulated at the federal level as well. In fact, when a crash does occur, there is almost always some kind of safety violation somewhere, whether it’s simple driver inattention or a violation by the employer.

In the event of a big truck accident, an injury attorney will normally invoke the legal principle of respondent superior, which means that when a worker hurts someone in the normal course of their job, the employer is held responsible. What this means is that when a claim is filed, the driver and their employer will both be named as defendants in the case. If the crash was also caused by mechanical failure, the vehicle’s manufacturer or the company tasked with maintaining the vehicle may be named in the suit as well.

So, a single claim can involve multiple defendants, and while this increases the complexity of the case, it also means a victim can recover additional compensation. As drivers alone have limited assets and insurance, it is usually advisable to name the employer as a defendant.

Though these claims can be complex, an experienced injury attorney will have no trouble gathering relevant evidence for a claim and ensuring all of a victim’s damages are represented during the settlement phase.