A Bicycle Injury Can Be Serious And You Might Need To Consult With An Attorney

by Terry Bryant

When a motorist collides with a cyclist, the injuries are often extreme, and in these cases, many seek the help of a bicycle injury attorney. There are many situations in which a motorist may not realize they have to give the right of way to a two-wheeler, but most laws state that cyclists must be treated like any other vehicle in most, if not all, cases.

Not yielding the right of way while making a left turn, or failing to see a two-wheeler as it emerges from behind something into an intersection are two of the most common causes of accidents. It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle driver to pay attention and make sure that he or she is not operating the automobile in an unsafe fashion around a cyclist. Sideswiping is also a regular cause of these types of accidents, as people often underestimate the size of their mirrors. All of these incidents can cause severe and permanent injuries, or even death.

When consulting with a bicycle injury attorney, the discussion will typically include the particulars of the incident and what information will need to be gathered for the court. It is crucial that the victim visit a doctor as soon as possible and keep a detailed record of all injuries and to procure sensitive evidence that may only be accessible for only a short time. Many legal professionals have several people they can call on that can reconstruct the incident and present the findings to the court. This will be a major help for the case, as will any witnesses that can testify on the victim’s behalf.