What To Do After An Accident With A Vehicle Causes A Bicycle Injury

by Terry Bryant

When a motor vehicle collides with a bicycle, the resulting injury can be extremely serious, even fatal. Any cyclist that has spent a long time on the road has had some close calls, and it only takes a single accident to change the rider’s life forever. These accidents are also becoming an increasing concern in urban areas as younger people are ditching the car for the pedals instead. In fact, while the number of fatal traffic accidents has declined sharply in the last ten years, the number of rider deaths has remained constant.

In most cases, the motorist is the one responsible if they collide with a bicycle. The resulting injury and its medical costs are typically the responsibility of the driver. However, proving liability is not always easy, as motorists will often argue that a cyclist came out of nowhere or that other issues, like road conditions, factored into the crash.

If you are struck by a motorist and have the wherewithal to do so, it is important to document the events leading up to the crash. If you are with a friend, have them approach witnesses to get their account, and call for medical and police help as soon as possible. The more details you remember, the easier it will be to win a settlement.