Injured Riders Can Recieve Help From Bicycle Accident Lawyers

by Terry Bryant

When a motorist strikes a person riding a bike, bicycle accident lawyers can be helpful in sorting out liability and determining who is at fault. Motorists must be careful when they share the road with riders, as even a slight bump can knock a person to the ground and leave them vulnerable to other traffic. Sadly, though, most collisions involving riders and motorists aren’t just slight bumps, but serious wrecks that often leave lasting injuries.

Bicycle accident lawyers regularly handle cases that concern a “left hook” or “right cross.” A left hook refers to a driver making a left turn into a rider crossing an intersection. A left hook typically occurs when a motorist is not paying attention to the intersection or believes they can cut in front of a rider safely. This is a risky maneuver because a mistake often results in the driver hitting the rider.

A right cross refers to a driver turning right into a bicyclist. This typically happens when a driver does not check their blind spot, or when a motorist believes they can quickly turn in front of the rider. Much like a left hook, a small miscalculation when turning can result in serious injuries for the rider.

Many riders injured by a negligent driver have sought legal counsel in an attempt to recover damages for their injuries.