Why Is A Bicycle Accident Lawyer Important For A Case?

by Terry Bryant

As the number of bicycles on streets and highways increases, so does the need for bicycle accident lawyers.  Whether cyclists sustain injuries due to road hazards, road conditions, or due to collisions with people driving automobiles, the end result is that bike riders often find themselves in need of legal assistance.

This assistance can range from determining who is legally to blame for causing the accident, to working on behalf of the cyclist to replace damaged or destroyed bicycles.  The attorney can present a case at trial, interpret information from witnesses and police reports, negotiate with insurance companies and medical personnel, research local and state laws, and discover vehicle safety issues.

If a motor vehicle is involved, a bicycle accident can be very serious. Many times though, accidents may be the fault of road hazards such as misplaced construction equipment, broken sewer grates, or some other obstacle that shouldn’t be in the roadway. If a rider sustains injuries, important procedures should be followed to make certain that the attorney will be able to prepare as strong of a case as possible. An attorney specializing in bicycle issues can determine if the rider’s actions or external factors are most responsible for the accident.

On the other hand, if it is a case of an automobile colliding with a cyclist, the experience and legal training of a bicycle accident lawyer is extremely valuable. They can assess whether the responsibility falls on the automobile driver due to reckless driving, lack of attention, or poor vehicle maintenance. If the rider is injured, the attorney may file a lawsuit against the auto driver. In this type of case, the cyclist may receive compensation for treatment, medical expenses, physical therapy, or income loss.