What Assistance Can Bicycle Accident Attorneys Offer Injured Riders?

by Terry Bryant

For anyone who rides a bike, whether as their primary mode of transportation or simply as a recreational outlet on summer weekends, it is helpful to know what role bicycle accident attorneys can play should the bike rider experience an accident caused by the negligence of another person. In 2012 alone, 726 cyclists were killed in bike accidents involving automobiles. 40% of those deaths were caused by drivers of motor vehicles rear-ending the bike rider and 30% were labeled “unknown,” meaning the cause was never clear. Bike accidents are a rampant issue for cyclists. Cyclists are often treated as if they do not have the same rights as drivers in automobiles. Experienced and knowledgeable lawyers can help to prove to the bike riders and the at-fault party of the accident that they do, in fact, have many rights – when suffering from injuries caused by another person’s negligence.