Back to School Safety

by Terry Bryant

Back to School Safety

Preparing children for the new school year often focuses on school supplies and uniforms. What about back-to-school safety?

Take time to talk to your children about safety in their daily commutes to and from school. A new year may mean a new campus, involving a new route or a new bus or carpool driver. Making your children more aware of potential safety hazards can prevent future injuries. Here are some topics to talk about with your children:

  • Crosswalks: Cars are supposed to stop to allow children to pass through crosswalks around school campuses, but distracted drivers do not always pay attention. Instruct your children to stop and check for traffic before crossing the street, even in a crosswalk.
  • Buses: Unlike cars, buses sit up high and have more blind spots. Teach your children about the differences between cars and buses so they know the risks of riding in and crossing the road near a bus.
  • Young drivers: If your children are at a campus where some of the students are of driving age, give them specific rules about whether they are allowed to ride with their classmates who have drivers’ licenses. Young drivers are more prone to distractions and do not have the experience of adult drivers.

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